From investment services to asset management.
Global Innovations Fund is a platform you can rely on.

About Us

LLC “Global Innovation Fund” was established in 2018 in Georgia with the aim of creating a collaboration hub between investors and project owners of all business verticals both in Georgia and the rest of eastern European countries.

GIF is a multifunctional platform where project owners and investors can share information and eventually cooperate on the implementation of investment projects. Additionally, GIF is also looking to promote cross-border financing via partnerships with Japanese crowdfunding platforms.

The team consists of experienced business experts and seasoned vets, who will oversee and manage all projects submitted in order to offer to investors comprehensive and reliable investment opportunities. 

There are two main GIF divisions. One is trust management, where GIF executes and acts on behalf of investors. The other division is when GIF offers investment & asset management agreements to investors who execute it themselves. In the second scenario, GIF is acting as investment agent and/or asset manager.